New Player Guide

The following is a short primer for players new to our club. We welcome all new rugby recruits, our player age ranges from 18 to 72, with an average age of about 24-26 on the club. We have plenty of players who have never played rugby before joining our club. Our team culture is to remain positive and united, so please be aware of this when you come out to your first training. If you don’t know anything about rugby, this video is great.

Our schedule for matches and training is posted on our schedule page. Attendance at training and matches is expected as much as possible. Playing priority goes to those that attend training and can make matches. Please use this form to contact the coaches 24 hours in advance of missing a training.

We send out information primarily through two mechanisms, our google group and our active players facebook page. It is recommended that you join both of these groups. You will only be allowed to join once you have come to a local training.

We ask that when new players join the club, they complete the USA Rugby Participation Waiver at their first training. It is best if you bring a copy with you, but we should have some on hand. Before your first game, you will need to register with USA Rugby. This registration includes a membership to USA Rugby and some health coverage. The cost is approximately $80 and runs from September 1 to Aug 31. If you join for the summer only the cost is $63. To register, go to the this site and register with the Gainesville Rugby Club. Use the button in the top right corner that says “Register” and follow the instructions online. If you can also let us know your availability for matches this fall, we collect this info using an online form.

We need your shirt sizes, as well as cell phone and emergency contact info when you join. Once you complete this form, we share the info with your email address so that you can stay in touch with other members of the club. We share this via an online file, please send an email to presidentand we will add access for you once you have completed the form.

Pending upon when you join the club, we charge dues that help pay for the cost of the social post-match, that includes food and beer, we have a social with the other club after the match. The dues also cover our referees fees. Usually dues are $75 for fall and $100 for spring, but if money is an issue for you, we have ways to work with the Treasurer and the club in payment plans and fundraising. Do not let money hold you back from playing rugby with us, please talk to our Treasurer. We have multiple fundraising opportunities, and those that cannot pay dues assist more with our fundraisers. Dues in the fall include a warm-up t-shirt and dues in the spring include a polo shirt.

If you have additional questions, please reference the contacts page for contact information for these officers –

-If its about money, then ask the Treasurer
-If its about an upcoming match, ask the Match Secretary
-If you are a new player and want more info than this, email our President
-If it is about practice location, ask the President
-If its about play time, ask your captain. If you still need information, ask the coach