Schedule & Training

Training Schedule

Fall Training is currently Tues/Thurs nights at 6:30 PM at Squirrel Ridge Park. Once the time changes we will move to Hal Brady Recreation Complex at 7;30 PM. Usually we are at Hal Brady for spring matches, and our facebook page usually has the up to date event info. NO ALCOHOL OR TOBACCO AT HAL BRADY.

When we don’t need lights and in early fall, we have training and matches at Squirrel Ridge Park.

Match Schedule

The match schedule for Fall 2017 is being finalized and will be posted when ready.

*Our first game is against UF Rugby on Sep. 1st, 7:30pm Kickoff, at UVS field.

Matches held at 2 PM unless otherwise noted below or on our facebook page team event.

Links to Previous Schedules & Results: