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May 4 Party Payment

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Training Availability

Update your training availability with this link.Notification is expected at least 24 hours prior to missed training.

Changes to Training- If the weather is poor, we will first post on our PUBLIC facebook page if training is canceled. If you sign up for mobile notifications/texts on twitter, when we post to the facebook page it will text you if there is a change in training.

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Team Roster

Current Team roster including phone numbers– available to email address which you used on the contact form.

USA RUGBY Registration/CIPP

To register with USA Rugby, go to this site and register with the Gainesville Rugby Club. Use the button in the top right corner that says “Register” and follow the instructions online.


Our current dues structure is $100 per season, this is payable at once or via $25 monthly installments. You need to make a payment to be eligible for the first game. You can pay with cash/check or paypal. This covers a polo shirt and/or training shirt, field costs like lights and field lining, referee costs, social costs, equipment, coach development, printing, and awards at end of the season. You are also expected to fundraise at least $50 for the club, if you do not want to participate in the fundraisers, you can just pay the $50.

-New to weight lifting? We recommend the 5-3-1 program from Jim Wendler.

In season I would recommend using the program that is 2 days of the week. If you are going for 3 days, please don’t do legs the Thurs/Fri before a match. Sample Week: Sunday Recover (see below), Mon lift, Tues training, Wed lift, Thurs training, Fri rest, Saturday game day. On lift days you can do the 2013 in season conditioning

If you want assistance with learning these lifts, please talk to Kerri to set up an appointment with the team strength and conditioning coach.

From Bladen Baird, and we agree, “We believe the basic lifts are the best and most efficient ways to develop the human body for athletic success. The typical way a strength coach will build a power athlete is with a combination of speed and maximal strength training. Maximal strength is foundational to all other elements of athleticism (power, speed, agility, etc.). As such a player with higher levels of maximal strength tends also be more efficient within their chosen sport.”

-Want to change your diet, but not sure where to start? We recommend the Precision Nutrition free fat-loss course if you are looking to lose and Westside for Skinny Bastards if you are looking to gain (plus eating like this to gain). Here is a basic nutrition 101 guide with some of the best ideas on protein intake that we have seen. Please eat complex carbs on training days.


-Great Ideas for Rugby Fitness Sessions:


-100-point recovery system for post-match- Below and Linked:


Recovery has to be optimized and individualized, just like training. The goal would be to complete the 100-point recovery within 24 hours of each match (But you could use this approach at any stage in the training/playing week.). Activities are weighted toward the personal bias, Choose from the list below to get to 100, but you need to mix & match – so 5 protein shakes is not going to cut it.




20 minutes swim in pool or ocean


30 minutes massage


15 minutes cold water immersion


15 minute stretch session


Wear skins for at least 1 hour


3 X 3 minutes cold; 1.5 minutes hot contrast


Protein shake


15 minutes spin bike


15 minutes walk on field


15 minutes foam roller session

-Other resources
12 week weight lifting program with accessory work for rugby – not for in season – equal access PT clinic