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(Photo credit: https://www.usarugby.org/2018/03/usa-rugby-boys-qualify-for-2018-youth-olympic-games/)

We are starting a high school rugby club here in Gainesville. This page should help you find some introductory information, but feel free to contact Micah Mones if you are interested in playing or being involved locally at mones@ufl.edu or at 352.278.1515

In the fall of 2018 we will playing touch rugby at noon at Squirrel Ridge Park. We will transition to rugby 7s in the spring of 2019, if there are enough interested players will play 15s rugby. The difference between those two games is one has 7 players per team with halves of 7 minutes, the other is 15 player per team with halves of 40 minutes.

This is our Parents Letter for those parents interested in learning more about rugby here in Gainesville and if rugby is a good choice for their son or daughter and their family.

Here are some additional links to get you started on learning about the sport of rugby.

Code of Conduct

IRB Beginners’s Guide to Rugby A great place for future players to learn about the game.

Spectators guide to rugby

Is_Rugby_Safe_For_Youth? by Lyle J. Micheli, MD


Please keep an eye out for new information on our website or facebook page. In order to get started playing, a player will need a pair of cleats and a mouthguard, even for the touch version of the game.

We will eventually be competing within the Florida Youth Rugby Union, we plan to apply for membership in the fall of 2018. Registration with Florida Rugby is $60 for the year and includes membership in USA Rugby, which includes the following benefits:

Insurance: Within any contact sport there is the chance of somebody getting injured, but with your USA Rugby Membership, we have you covered. Liability and Accident Insurance reduces liability for registered members, covers rugby-related accidents at sanctioned events and more. See the Insurance tab for more information.

League and Tournament Participation: A membership with USA Rugby gives you access to join one of over 3000 clubs and participate in tournaments around the country. USA Rugby is in charge of over 400 youth teams, 1,200 High School teams, 900 College Teams and 700 Senior Teams.

Opportunity to Compete in a National Championship Series: With 30 National Playoff and Championship events each year, a USA Rugby membership creates opportunities for rugby members to compete at an elite level.

Structure: One of the key benefits of a membership with USA Rugby is the structure provided by the governing body. This includes keeping the league referees current with their training, providing coaching staff background checks, communicating recent medical updates and information and creating a strong foundation for the game.

Staying Connected: Staying up-to-date with USA Rugby is easy with your membership. With access to E-News updates, you will have the latest rugby news and resources at your fingertips. This also includes live coverage of tournaments and popular rugby matches to keep you current on everything rugby.

Affiliation: We are proud to support rugby players across the United States and strive to create value for all of our members. A USA Rugby membership signifies your affiliation with this increasingly popular sport and genuine love for the game. Read more at https://www.usarugby.org/membership-resources/fees/?K1PxDaA07V0dT3sI.99